2016 Interior Design Trends

Florida Weekly 2016 Celebrity Designer

2016 Interior Design TrendsAt Cathleen Swift Interior Design, 2016 interior design trends are incorporated into spaces while maintaining a timeless design. Looking at the 2016 market, there are new materials that lead and principal designer Cathleen Swift and her team are incorporating into their projects.

Materials such as warm burnished gold finishes can be added in accessories and furnishings. Metallics are being included in woven fabrics and textured wall coverings. LED lighting reflecting these metallics are creating beautiful atmospheres in spaces.

Lighting innovations are paramount to the look being developed by Cathleen Swift and her team. Hard surface technology is permitting remodeling possibilities that are cutting costs for the homeowner and providing a sleek sophisticated look. The market is vast and can be intimidating. Cathleen can minimize the confusion and directly lead you to the selections that will set your project apart. Her design approach will create balance using fresh ideas and new elements.

2016 Design Trends MetallicsOpen your door to luxury living styled and curated by Cathleen and her team. Her inspired design will impact your project, and her work will be tailored specifically for you. Projects range from condominium and private home remodeling and decoration to ground up construction projects. Out of town projects include lake homes in New York, beach homes on the east coast from Maine to Florida, city condominiums, country properties and a winery. Contact Cathleen Swift Interior Design today for more information.